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10 Ways to Fight Migraines

Headaches or migraines are not lethal, but if not addressed will greatly disrupt productivity. Various types of therapy can be done, ranging from medicine to physical activities like sports and sex.

Here are 10 alternatives to overcome migraine, as quoted by The Sun.

1. Botox injections
July last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Botox injections to deal with migraines. Some scientific evidence to prove, more frequent injections are intended to address the wrinkles on the face is quite effective against migraines.

2. Gene Therapy
According to a study at Oxford University, the genetic factors cause 20 percent of migraine sufferers can not be cured only with drugs. The gene is named Tresk migraine triggers and derived from the parent that can only be eliminated through terpai genes.

3. Aspirin
Injections of liquid aspirin is likely to be a new breakthrough to overcome migraine. Researchers from the University of California has proven, aspirin injection directly into the blood vessels can cope with more migraine cheap and effective.

4. Relaxation
Because stress is one of the main triggers of migraine, then pengatasan easiest way is to rest the mind of the business.Going on vacation is one alternative to overcome the most fun migraine.

5. Magnetic stimulation
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new finding of electronic devices relieving migraine. When affixed to the head, this tool will generate a magnetic field that reduces sensitivity to pain in the head.

6. Turn off the phone
There are two reasons why cell phones (mobile phones) can trigger a migraine, one of which makes people easily stressed due to a client or employer in the workplace can be contacted at any time to discuss the work through the tool. The second reason is that electromagnetic radiation can trigger migraines.

7. Sport
For some people, exercise actually triggers migraines. But for most people, moderate exercise is not too tiring potent enough to relieve stress, improve blood circulation and immune system.Everything that can relieve migraine symptoms.

8. Limit caffeine
Excess caffeine is one of the triggers of migraines, so it is not advisable to drink more than 5 cups of coffee, tea or soft drinks in a day. But for those who are addicted to caffeine, stopped drinking coffee altogether can also trigger migraines. Therefore to note is the portion, should not be exaggerated.

9. Sex therapy
Specifically on women, sex regularly can reduce the risk of migraine. Hormone that gives a sense of pleasure when making love, endorphins are natural pain reliever that is produced in large numbers each time reaching orgasm.

10. Consumption of iron supplements sat
Anemia or anemia can trigger a migraine though not including one of the main factors. If the accompanying symptoms of migraine attacks was always exhausted, there is no harm in supplements or foods that increase iron menganding like chicken liver and green vegetables.

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