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Early Detection and Prevention of Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatic diseases is one of many common diseases and frequently suffered by the people of Indonesia. Whether it’s young or old, the disease is always haunt the jointsand supporting tissue structures around the joint. The effects of rheumatic diseases is tremendous pain. And if the disease affects an on going basis it will result in permanent disability.The more severe illness would lead to disability, and declining quality of life. Rheumatic diseases strike almost at all joints. But the joint is a favorite place of the occurrence of arthritis are the hands, fingers, knees, feet and hinges. Rheumatic diseases also attack other joints. Like the spine, neck, hips,  jaw, shoulder, and the connection of small joints in the ear.Arthritis also can affect various organs in the body such as heart, skin, blood vessels, and lungs. Rheumatism has a characteristic in his attack. He attacks the joints in a symmetrical or on both sides of the body. This is different from osteoarthritis which usually only affects one joint only.

Rheumatic Disease Symptoms

In general, the symptoms that arise will be the emergence of arthritis varies greatly in each person. But usually they will experience the following signs:

1.  In the morning will experience joint stiffness. Generally, arthritis will last for 60 minutes or an hour. These symptoms will be very different from the stiffness in osteoarthritis that can disappear only after half an hour.

2.  Experienced swelling of the joints generally will feel warm and mushy takala touch. Pain due to arthritis attacks occur in a symmetrical (right and left) but the level of severe pain of arthritis will vary in line with body parts which are often used.

3.  There will be bumps (nodules) as a result of inflammation of blood vessels. Will nodules of green beans. These lumps will often be found along the arthritic attacks occurred.

4.  The accumulation of fluid or commonly referred to as fluid buildup. It’s often found on the ankles. In some cases, the sac behind the knee joints are also experiencing water retention. Typically called baker cyst. But Baker cysts also occur in people who are not affected by rheumatism.

5.  The presence of symptoms similar to flu. Such as coughs, colds, fever, or weight loss. The difference for those affected by arthritis will experience it for years. Noteworthy though rheumatic is an annual illness, but the passing attack of this disease. Come and go.

Maybe you will feel tremendous pain rheumatism followed by inflammation of the joints. These symptoms became known as flares or flare. This attack can occur suddenly and without cause.Then be followed by a period of rest, but interspersed with inflammation. That warrant concern are, in rheumatic attack in the first year may result in damage or severe permanent disability in the joints.

Causes of Rheumatic Diseases

Until now the cause of rheumatic disease is still unknown origin.But some medical experts say if this rheumatism dipantik by several factors. Call it because of the virus, vulnerable genetic, or hormonal changes. The fact is, if the weather is more easily affected by rheumatic diseases than the adam. And even if they (women) tested positive, the process of pregnancy and breast-feeding activity will memerburuk condition.

Early Detection of Rheumatic Diseases

The doctor will detect rheumatic diseases through a series of examinations. As a physical examination and diagnostic tests.Blood tests are also mandatory. This test will find out how big the levels of Rheumatoid Factor (RF) or who are often called by antibodies in the body. With this test the doctor will be able to deduce how much arthritis has undermined your body.

RF will determine whether or not you are stricken with rheumatism. However, a negative RF does not mean a relief.Because only 20 percent of arthritis patients who showed a negative RF. Another way in early detection of rheumatic diseases is by X-ray examination. With this examination will be known whether there is damage your joints. But be it known if it would not have x-rays show changes in the early stages of rheumatic diseases.

Rheumatic diseases, especially in the early detection requires patience and expertise in the decision. Because rheumatic show early symptoms similar to a kind of disease. Call it arthritis. If the doctor has decided you are suspected of suffering from rheumatism, he will immediately refer to expert rheumatologic.This special arthritis doctor who will provide follow-up treatments for rheumatic diseases.

Myths Regarding Rheumatic Diseases

Often circulated various myths or facts that are present in the vicinity of rheumatic diseases. They believe, or agrees, if the myths or facts must be done or should be avoided to avoid the joint disease. But whether the various myths and facts are true?Let’s follow the following reviews:

1. Have you ever received a recommendation from a parent to avoid a shower the night at a young age? This myth is believed to lead to rheumatic diseases in old age. Really? Until now still can not be proven this assumption. Good night’s bath with cold water or warm water there is no research that is able to prove it. But for people with rheumatism, bath with cold water it will make the muscle stiffness or spasms.

2. Kale and spinach cause arthritis?  Wait a minute. Again, no studies that could prove to be fact. Even in the extreme, if you are indeed positively affected by rheumatic then food should be avoided instead of two healthy vegetables on top, but a lot of foods that contain purines. As meat offal, seafood, and various beverages containing alkhohol.

3. Is also trigger gout arthritis? Not always. Research shows only 10 percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have high uric acid. And vice versa. Many patients with high uric acid just does not have arthritis. Arthritis occurs not always caused by high uric acid levels in the blood. Rheumatism will appear when uric acid crystals accumulate and eventually form that builds up in joints.

4. Elderly customers of this disease? Not necessarily.Rheumatism after all and knows no age. Rheumatic type of osteoarthritis will love those aged 45 years. While the type of arthritis lupus eritemotosus be fond of women at reproductive age. And for the people here will be easily attacked by gout.

5. Whether the disease is a derivative of suffering? Rheumatism is not a legacy. But in some cases frequently encountered family is a risk factor. From parent to child, could have revealed rheumatism.

6. Pain in the bones at night, whether it is arthritis? Arthritis can strike at any time. Whether it’s the night, morning and afternoon. In fact, the common symptoms that appear in patients with rheumatoid arthritis are stiffness and inflammation in the joints.

Prevention is better than cure. Perhaps this also applies to rheumatic diseases. Before you decide to choose medical treatment, try to do some habits to prevent rheumatic disease. Multiply like walking activity and food consumption of fruit and vegetables such as prevention of rheumatic watermelon, avocado, strawberries, apples, or asparagus. However, if the arthritis has been authorized to attack you, the treatment media is not the only way out. You can also try alternative treatments or therapies for arthritis.

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