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How to Solve Migraine Without Drug

There are many drugs with or without a prescription that can help relieve some symptoms of migraine, but there is no medicine that can cure migraine. But there are ways to overcome migraines without taking medicine. What?

Although there is no drug that can actually cure the migraine, but by making small changes in diet and lifestyle you can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine.

Reported by Dailymail, here are some things you can do to solve with migraines without taking medicine:

1. Avoiding triggers
Migraine triggers include tobacco (nicotine can narrow blood vessels in the brain), too much heavy exercise, stress, changes in sleep patterns, headaches and neck, dental problems, certain foods, odors that sting, light and menstrual.

2. Notice the blood sugar levels
Decrease in blood sugar levels can trigger a migraine because it leads to glucose is released into the bloodstream, causing blood pressure to rise. Eat regularly every 4 hours and not more than 12 hours overnight without food.

Choose low-glycemic index foods such as fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt and cheese. Avoid high GI foods like white bread, pastries, sugary drinks and sweets.

3. Check your intake of caffeine
Too much caffeine can cause blood vessels surrounding the brain becomes too limited, which can trigger a migraine. More than 300 mg of caffeine a day (3 cups of ground coffee or 5 cups of instant) can cause problems. Try to reduce or switch to decaffeinated beverages. Chocolate also contains caffeine.

4. Flavorings or food additives (BTP)
Many people report sensitivity to food additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame (artificial sweetener), tartrazine (a yellow dye used to color sodas and marzipan), Sulfites (found in wine) and sodium benzoate (found in shrimp, margarine, beverages lightweight and candy).

5. Chewable ginger
Chewing of ginger can relieve nausea and digestive problems that tend to accompany migraine symptoms. Ginger can also block the effects of prostaglandins, substances that can cause inflammation in blood vessels in the brain and trigger a migraine.

6. Increase levels of serotonin
Studies have shown low levels of serotonin in migraine sufferers.Eat foods rich in protein such as chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy products, bananas, dates, wheat, rice, nuts and seeds to boost serotonin levels.

7. Drinking water
Dehydration can also trigger migraines. Tissues around the brain consists of water, so that when fluid loss network will shrink, causing irritation and pain. Drink between 1 and 2 liters of water a day can reduce the severity, duration and frequency of migraine attacks.

8. Vitamin
5HTP is used to make serotonin, which helps to reduce the body’s susceptibility to migraine attacks. Butterbur and Coenzyme Q10 is also believed to help prevent migraines.

9. Eating foods rich in magnesium
Magnesium deficiency can cause reduced blood flow to the brain and also reduced blood sugar, which both affect the migraine attack. Foods such as green vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, potatoes, oats, peas and lots of extra yeast containing magnesium.

10. Yoga
Yoga can make you calm, reduce stress and ease aches and pains. Yoga can also alleviate stiffness in the neck and shoulders so as to prevent the recurrence of migraine symptoms.

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