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It works and Safer Ginger for Migraine

For those who frequently attacked by migraine, no need to rush to take medication if you do not want to deal with side effects. There are safer ways to ease it, with ginger is used as a spice in cooking and made drinks.

A study conducted by the Headache Care Center in Springfield reveal, ginger extract to effectively relieve migraine to 63 percent.In about 30 percent of participants, reduced migraines in just 2 hours after sucking the juice of ginger.

The study, led by Dr. Roger Cady involved 60 people who experience frequent migraines. Quoted by Reuters, participants were divided into 2 groups consisting of 45 people who were given ginger during migraine attacks and 15 people who were given placebo.

Although not explained in detail the mechanism of action, the results of this study confirmed that ginger may be an alternative to cope with migraines. During this time, many people chew fresh ginger to relieve headaches and nausea that accompanies migraine.

Some experts believe, the content of specific compounds in a very popular spice in cooking can inhibit prostagraldin which is a pain mediator. Ginger is also believed to be able to overcome the inflammation of blood vessels in the brain which is one of the triggers of migraine.

In the research of Dr. Cady, ginger has been used are summarized in the form of extracts. However, to be consumed daily, fresh ginger and dried ginger are already diserbuk also can give more or less the same efficacy in patients with migraine.

To be made drinks, fresh ginger is usually crushed and brewed or baked prior to scent out. Can be taken just after the addition of sugar or other sweeteners, can also be mixed with other drinks ginger tea or ginger milk.

Ginger is also often processed into sweets or biscuits, so the choice is more varied. Various types of cuisine are also many who use ginger to bring a distinctive flavor and warm, suitable for consumption during cold weather.

In some people, ginger can trigger side effects such as chest pain and less is recommended for those who have a problem with gallstones. But in general, its side effects is much safer than chemical drugs that can lead to liver and kidney damage.


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