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Meditation Able to Change Brain Activity

A recent study found changes in brain activity after one of its participants doing meditation for five weeks.

An artist named Jane Anderson has difficulty in controlling emotions. He tries to do meditation and managed to have a positive impact within a month.

“The experience that I managed to get is a sense of tranquility and a better ability to regulate emotions,” said Anderson, as quoted from the New Kerala.
Anderson is an experience that inspired a recent study found changes in brain aktiivtas after five weeks meditation activities.

Furthermore, Anderson along with a team from the University of  Wisconsin, wanted to know whether changes in brain activitywere also found when doing meditation with fewer periods.

At the beginning of the study, according to the University of Wisconsin, each participant wore an EEG, a measure of  brain electrical activity. Then each group of participants are invited to join the meditation training, while another group of participants who were told that they will be trained later.

Participant group meditation sessions are offered two and a half hours in one week, and encouraged to do more is a lot of meditation.

Participants who have been doing meditation demonstrated better activity in the left front of the brain, which creates a feeling of calmness, than the group that did not perform the activity.

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