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Prevent Migraines with Exercising Regularly

Migraine attacks can cause discomfort and interfere with daily activities. But it turns out by doing regular exercise can prevent migraine.

Scientists have found that regular exercise is as effective as relaxation therapy and also the use of common drugs in helping to prevent migraines.

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, led by Dr. Emma Varkey was quite surprised to get the exercise bike three times a week can have a powerful effect in preventing migraine.

The study involved 91 women aged 18-65 years who regularly consulted in headache specialty clinics in Sweden. Participants were diagnosed by a neurologist and migraine headaches 2-8 times a month.

In previous studies it is known that relaxation therapy and drug prescribing topiramate can prevent migraines. In this latest study researchers found exercise can have effects just as effective.

“It is a bit surprising and very interesting that the changes inmigraine attacks almost the same in all groups, whether they do sports, take medication or relaxation therapy,” said Dr. Varkey,as quoted from MedIndia.

Dr. Varkey said that non-pharmacological approach is likely to be an effective option in the treatment of migraine in patients who do not benefit or do not want to constantly take medication.

“The use of the drug topiramate can reduce the intensity of the migraine coming, but in some people these drugs can cause side effects such as numbness, vertigo and mood depression. However, these side effects are not found in women who enteredthe relaxation therapy group or sports group,” said Dr. Varkley.

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