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Statins Increase Risk of Diabetes?

Statins are known to us as a cholesterol-lowering drugs could be one cause of the increased risk of diabetes in middle-aged and elderly women.

Similarly, a recent study conducted by U.S. scientists say. However, its benefits as preventive medicine heart attack can still be perceived by the users of these drugs.

Those who took statins for more than 7 years, it was diagnosed to have 50 percent higher risk of disease of diabetes than those who do not use it. This conclusion is derived from in-depth study of about 1000 women in the United States.

“Treatment Statin use to women who have passed menopause resulted in an increased risk of developing diabetes (diabetes mellitus) for these women,” according to Yunsheng Ma of the University of Massachusetts.

The researchers used health data obtained from 150,000 women who were free of diabetes at the age of 50-70 years.

Some of the women surveyed were asked to change your diet or taking hormone therapy or vitamins, while the other participants were not asked to change your diet or lifestyle of their daily.

At the beginning of the research conducted in mid 1990, the participants fill out a health questionnaire containing questions whether they are taking statins or not, information about diabetes such as weight and activity level. And researchers continue to observe them up to 6-7 years.

In conclusion, more than 10,200 women have diabetes and statin users had a risk of diabetes by 48 percent compared with those not using statins.

On the other hand, for men the risk of developing diabetes statin users increased by 10-12 percent more than those not using statins according to Naveed Sattar an expert on metabolism and diabetes at the University of Glasgow.

These results may be more accurate because it obtained from the volunteers, which means adding diversity to the research subjects. Still, the results of this study could not demonstrate a reciprocal relationship between statins with diabetes accurately.

The high level of cholesterol into the cause of the women began taking statins.

The reason has not been found yet definitely known that the effect of statin use on muscle and liver causes the body produce more sugar than normal size or cause users more rarely exercise according to Sattar.

The statin users had to find another way to reduce cholesterol because of side effects of statins are quite disturbing. Many ways can be done for example by reducing weight, exercise more often and continue to control blood sugar levels.

“Statins do have the risk of diabetes but still good for those who have heart disease and stroke” said Sattar

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