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Teeth Cleaning Lower Risk of Lung Inflammation

Cleanliness and health of the mouth organ is also a major focusin appearance. Cleaning the teeth the right way not only prevent tooth and gum disease, but the effect on the decreased risk ofpneumococcal disease.

A study conducted by scientists from Yale University School of Medicine found the risk of changes in lung inflammatory disease in patients after handling the bacteria contained in their mouths.
The conclusion is reinforced also by Dr. Samit Joshi ELS Global Medical News, which says that these findings may reduce the risk of pneumonia by clearing the bacteria that live in our mouths.

Although further research is needed, the British Dental Foundation said the latest study is not the first to associate the poor oral health with respiratory disease.

For Nigel Carter, chief executive of a British Dental HealthFoundation United Kingdom, a recent study shows how the importance of taking care of teeth and mouth.

Oral and dental care is not difficult. Just need to brush it correctly with a minimum of twice a day, including before bedtime. And also needed awareness to check your teeth regularly every six months. Maintained so that the teeth and mouth, the body was protected from various diseases.

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