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Various Advantages Herbal Medicinal Compared Medicinal Chemistry

Compared to chemical medications, herbal remedies do have a working power that tends to slow. That’s what makes people with serious illness would prefer chemical medicines instead of herbal medicine. The majority of people know that the significant differences of chemical drugs and herbal remedies lies only in the speed of the workings.Finally, herbal medicines are only viewed as an alternative medicine after a chemical drug can not cure the illness. This is also evidenced by the naming of herbal medicine as a way of “alternative medicine”. However, the difference is really limited to the speed and slow way of working? Of course not.

Differences herbal medicines and chemical drugs are not only based on speed or slowness in behavior. Moreover, herbal medicine has many advantages not possessed chemical drugs.However, the lack of public knowledge about differences in herbal medicine and medicinal chemistry makes the position of chemical drugs is still considered higher.

Apparently, the lack of knowledge about these differences were still being experienced by several doctors that in fact as an expert in the field of chemical drugs. As a result, up to now people still tersugesti to immediately take medication if their body chemistry to disease.

How Herbal Medicine – Healthy Safe and Natural WaysYou would agree that health is the most precious treasure. As much as any property owned will not mean anything if your body is sick. In fact, money is often said to be able to buy everything as if it does not matter anymore. Whatever expensive food will taste fresh when your body is attacked by the disease.

Finally, you will only be a figure as weak and helpless because it no longer has health, things that might have been less than grateful. However, should not despair because now, even long ago, has evolved ways herbal medicine.

What is herbal medicine? Herbal treatment is a therapeutic treatment using natural materials, natural vegetation, as a medicinal ingredient. Natural materials are also processed in a natural way without involving the use of chemical substances. For that reason, herbal medicine is considered safer than chemical drugs.

All natural ingredients are built, rather than subvert. Thus, long-term consumption of herbal medicines are actually healthy and can improve the body’s organs and functions safely. This is much different with the use of synthetic materials in the long run. Was predictable, the function of your organs will be damaged. In fact, can lead to drug dependence.

Advantages of Herbal MedicinesIn recent years, awareness of the benefits of herbal medicine had been more open. In fact, the use of herbal ingredients was used as a contemporary lifestyle. Back to nature. Yes, that’s the slogan that is often hailed Urban Community Sector now.

Actually, since thousands of years ago, nature has provided various types of basic material human drugs that have been utilized for generations. But, again, man himself is the natural grace then ignore it.

With increasing public awareness of the importance of herbal medicine, the more scientific research in this field. Now, not infrequently encountered various kinds of herbal medicines, such as herbal medicine, which processed more modern with the support of scientific research.

Therefore, you should already know the advantages of various herbal medicines than chemical drugs. The following are details of some of the advantages of herbal medicine.

1. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – No Potential Side EffectsHerbal medicine is really a natural product that has been available in nature. This drug treatment was done naturally, even traditional, without mixing chemicals or synthetics. For that reason, it is certain that herbal medicines have absolutely no side effects so it is safe to use.

Since hundreds of years ago, the people of Indonesia have been eating a variety of traditional herbal concoction own results.However, no one has found cases of the deadly side effects of herbal medicine. In fact, herbal medicine has been named as one of the cultural heritage of native Indonesia. As a citizen of Indonesia, we certainly should be proud of this. How not, Indonesia has one type of herbal medicine that is free of side effects or dependency.

However, you would have to remain cautious while choosing herbal medicine as there are several kinds of traditional herbal medicine produced unhygienic. In fact, using chemicals as a mixture. Finally, “herbal medicine” will threaten the health of your body. In this case, the harm is a fungal contamination as well as other additives, not the herbal medicine.

2. Advantages of Herbal Medicine – Free of ToxinsChemical medicines or pharmaceutical drugs are poisons that should not be taken arbitrarily. However, there are different from herbal medicine. That is, free of toxins. Thus, herbal medicines are very safe to be consumed by anyone. In fact, herbs can be used as a laxative toxins in the body or detoxification.

3. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – Easily ManufacturedHerbal medicine is a drug that is produced from a simple processing plant parts, such as roots, tubers, fruits, flowers, bark, and other plant parts. The process is fairly simple to make herbal medicine processing does not require advanced technology and large capital research.

Many herbal medicines are produced in homes as domestic businesses. Marketing was done in a simple, ie door to door.However, marketing of herbal medicines is now using more sophisticated methods as the invention of Internet technology. Through the Internet is, increasingly global marketing of herbal medicine.

4. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – Eliminate Root DiseaseGenerally, chemical drugs only work to cure the symptoms of the disease. However, not so with herbal medicines. In addition to cure symptoms of his illness, herbal medicines are working to eliminate the root of illness.

Different way of working is due to the effects of herbal remedies that is comprehensive (holistic). Finally, the treatment is not only focused on the elimination of the disease, but also on improving the immune system as a way to fight the disease.

5. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – Easily RetrievedCompared to chemical drugs which tend to be expensive and must wear a prescription, except medicine shops, herbal medicines are more easily obtained anywhere else. You also do not have to ask for a prescription or go to the pharmacy to get herbal medicine. However, you still need your doctor’s instructions when using herbal medicines with chemical drugs to anticipate the occurrence of drug interactions.

6. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – EconomicalYes. Herbal medicines do tend to be cheaper than chemical drugs. This is due to herbal remedies do not have to pay patent fees and release funds to conduct research. In fact, the price of herbal medicines can be much cheaper if produced with a more efficient scale.

7. Advantages of Herbal Medicines – Containing Many BenefitsYou would agree that herbs have many, even very much, efficacy. One herbal medicine alone can be used to treat more than one disease.

For example, black cumin or better known as Black Seed that can cure gout, migraine, diabetes, hepatitis, and even cancer.Another example, which are antiviral garlic and able to strengthen the heart and lowers cholesterol.

Those are some advantages of herbal medicines than chemical drugs that are vulnerable side effects. Besides having harmful side effects, even deadly, the workings of chemical drugs tend to be less effective for treating certain diseases.

No less important, chemical drugs tend to be more expensive because the majority of chemical drugs are imported products. With a variety of risks that may be obtained from chemical drugs, Do you still interested in taking them? Stop! Now, time for you to choose the way of treatment  ancestors through herbal medicines.

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