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Hollywood Celebrity Diet Tips

If you hear the word diet, surely our minds wander to one thing that forbids us to eat anything. In fact, diets do not prohibit someone is eating her favorite foods, just do not over do it. Like the Hollywood actresses who underwent diet with ease.

Here are tips on diet-style Hollywood celebrities:

Jennifer Aniston: Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is only consuming a plate of green salad with nuts, cheese with lemon sauce on the lunch menu. If you still feel hungry this beautiful woman eating water-rich fruits such as watermelon or lemon.

Elizabeth Hurley: Elizabeth, who had become a mother reveals her diet secrets, ie, by drinking at least six cups of watercress soup every day.

Kate Hudson: This blonde woman is relying on an artificial concoction beloved mother who is also an actress, Goldie Hawn.Develop a beverage that is in a shake made from parsley, pepper, celery and green vegetables.

Gwyneth Paltrow: wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and is diligently eating papaya fruit digestion such as asparagus and cucumber. Also diligent in drinking tea, Bancha Twig and always carry it in a thermos every move.

Brooke Shields: Brooke diligently eating and drinking herbal supplements that contain herbs. Trusted herbal drinks, if consumed every day can boost immunity and fitness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: The wife of Michael Douglas revealed his secret recipe, ie, by drinking 25 milliliters of water for every 0.45 kg of your weight. In this way, Catherine can reduce 2.27 kg of weight in a week. Water has a satiating effect, so he is not tempted to eat when not really hungry.

Nicole Kidman: When the wife of Keith Urban is in the mood to snack, he takes a low-calorie raisin dipped in honey. To be more fresh, raisins are mixed with celery leaves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Actress Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer series is when it will devour his steak, he ate potatoes before eating meat. He believes by doing so, his body will digest food better.

Gisele Bundchen: Gisele admitted spicy food very well to maintain her figure. With spicy food, body temperature will rise spur the body’s metabolism.

Kate Winslet: Starring character in the movie Titanic Rose is claiming that its flagship oatmeal cookies so. In addition to restricting food, she always complete with two slices of wheat cakes fresh cucumber.

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