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Peanut Function for Health

Peanuts are a type of food that is easily varied, eg for types ofcakes and spicy dishes, peanuts are often an option. In addition to easy processing, peanuts were also rich in good for the body.

1. Peanuts are known as good fat that lowers risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body, because the content of resveratrol.

2. Beneficial to the smooth functioning of the body, because it contains folic niacin, manganese, protein, and vitamin E are abundant.
3. Very good for the smooth functioning of the intestine, because it contains fiber.
4. Helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and gallstone formation.
5. Containing an abundance of calcium and vitamin D, which can help maintain healthy bones and teeth. and in the long term to prevent osteoporosis attacks.
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