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Powerful Tips Solve Pain Tired

Sometimes the perceived fatigue makes us listless move. To eliminate it, Genius Beauty tips to share unique fighting fatigue with food.

1. Ruccola
Green leafy vegetables are one of the most nutritious foods. In fact, folic acid, which protects us from depression, derived from the leaves of plants such as Ruccola. These vegetables contain lots of calcium and 10 calories in one serving. Usually this type of vegetables consumed as a salad.

2. Drinking coffee
Caffeine triggers dopamine production, the hormone that makes sense of  joy tired of being lost. A cup of coffee can give you more antioxidants. In addition, coffee contains two phytonutrients that have antidepressant properties.

3. Walnuts
Walnut that has a useful energy component relieve fatigue. In addition walnuts also contain vitamin E, which can reduce inflammation in the brain and protect neurons.

4. Potato
Potatoes will make your power back so that the tiredness disappeared. In addition, potatoes also contain folic acid, iodine, a substance known as kukoamines foods to help lower bloodpressure.

Thus, fatigue can be defeated not just by sleeping or resting. By eating certain foods can be lost any sense of fatigue.

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