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Rose Extracts Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Daily doses of herbal extracts roses can reduce risk of heart disease. Obese patients who consumed drinks herbal extracts roses every day for six weeks of the results of blood pressure and cholesterol levels dropped significantly.

Small fruit found on roses bloom used for centuries as a traditional medicine to treat arthritis.

In a recent study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists at Lund University in Sweden recruited 31 obese men and women. They are encouraged to consume 40 grams of powdered roses every day for six weeks with drinking apple and grape extracts.

At the end of the experiment, researchers measured body weight, blood pressure, blood lipid levels, glucose of volunteers. They found an average decline of 3.4 per cent from four factors trigger diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, their total cholesterol also decreased almost five percent.

Further examination revealed decreased levels of LDL cholesterol that can increase the risk of heart disease.

As reported by dailymail, scientists are optimistic affirmed the cardiovascular benefits of the extract of roses. It could even be used as an alternative therapy of patients who are allergic to anti-cholesterol drug.

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