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USG Can be Used to Sterilizing Men in 15 Minutes

For men who no longer intend to have children, can undergo a vasectomy procedures or termination of the sperm channel through a surgical operation. But the researchers managed to find a new way to make men become sterile without the need to undergo surgery that uses ultrasonic sound (USG).

Appliance producing ultrasonic waves used in the medical world to see the condition of the fetus or called ultrasound. Recent studies in mice showed that ultrasound machines are available today can be used to kill sperm cell growth. This technology can make a man become infertile.

“Treatment without surgery ultrasound and this may reduce sperm reserves in mice significantly below levels usually seen in males are fertile,” says researcher James Tsuruta, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as reported by LiveScience.

The researchers used ultrasound equipment is commercially available and widely used in physical therapy. The idea was first proposed in 1970 by Mostafa Fahim, a researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia who published several studies on treatment with ultrasound to kill the germ cells and cause infertility.

Machines used Fahim is now no longer available, so researchers must begin again with ultrasound equipment that has been available commercially. Researchers will then see whether ultrasound machines that currently exists has the same effect with a pioneering machine.

Sperm develop in testis through several stages. The researchers aim to destroy the early stages of sperm development, so this treatment will last for several months.

Researchers found that by turning the high-frequency ultrasound around the testes, the majority of sperm cells that already exist will die. The best results were seen after two sessions with each session for 15-minutes, and given a two-day pause. The researchers tested the sperm rats two weeks after receiving treatment.

Researchers found that the two sessions can reduce the amount of mouse sperm to zero or the index indicates the number of active sperm is very low. They also noticed that these mice have cells producing fewer sperm.

The research was conducted in mice that are much more fertile than humans. In mice, the concentration of sperm that reach 3,000 active sperm per milliliter or less can still fertilize an egg.

Whereas in humans, such amounts are considered infertile. In humans, low sperm count is said if it is below 15 million sperm per milliliter.

“However, more research is needed to determine how long the contraceptive effect and whether it is safe to use up several times. Further research is also needed to find out what special settings such as what it can deliver the best results in humans'” Tsuruta said.

The procedure to permanently prevent fertility, such as vasectomy, can lower sperm concentration up to 3 million sperm per milliliter. Researchers also confirmed that sterilization can be adjusted so that ultrasonic can be given to pets to control the population.

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