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By this I notify visitors that my site address has changed to,
I look forward to visiting all my friends at my new website, thanks a lot  to all the visitors of this blog.


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Powerful Deep Sleep Eliminate Stress

January 30, 2012 1 comment

A study from UC Berkeley has found clinical evidence that there is a relationship between sleep and affective brain functions. Please note, your daily routine can bring stress can make a more emotional level rises.The research appears in the journal Current Biology, found that rapid-eye movement (REM), an eye movement during sleep time span in which the indicators of emotional stress makes the experience more manageable.

According to one researcher, Els van der Helm, who was also quoted in, during REM sleep is turned back on, and put into perspective and integrated into the brain.

In that study also added that healthy people generally spend 20 percent of their sleeping hours in Rapid-eye movement, where the problems associated with high emotional level will be processed and reduced subjective emotional in the next day.

Dreams is a unique neurochemical composition. Where in the dream actually incarnated as a therapy to calm and relieve the emotional side is bad. For that, try to sleep the night in a sufficient portion, so that the body stay in shape, and the more stabilized emotional level.

Peanut Function for Health

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Peanuts are a type of food that is easily varied, eg for types ofcakes and spicy dishes, peanuts are often an option. In addition to easy processing, peanuts were also rich in good for the body.

1. Peanuts are known as good fat that lowers risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body, because the content of resveratrol.

2. Beneficial to the smooth functioning of the body, because it contains folic niacin, manganese, protein, and vitamin E are abundant.
3. Very good for the smooth functioning of the intestine, because it contains fiber.
4. Helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and gallstone formation.
5. Containing an abundance of calcium and vitamin D, which can help maintain healthy bones and teeth. and in the long term to prevent osteoporosis attacks.

Hollywood Celebrity Diet Tips

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

If you hear the word diet, surely our minds wander to one thing that forbids us to eat anything. In fact, diets do not prohibit someone is eating her favorite foods, just do not over do it. Like the Hollywood actresses who underwent diet with ease.

Here are tips on diet-style Hollywood celebrities:

Jennifer Aniston: Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is only consuming a plate of green salad with nuts, cheese with lemon sauce on the lunch menu. If you still feel hungry this beautiful woman eating water-rich fruits such as watermelon or lemon.

Elizabeth Hurley: Elizabeth, who had become a mother reveals her diet secrets, ie, by drinking at least six cups of watercress soup every day.

Kate Hudson: This blonde woman is relying on an artificial concoction beloved mother who is also an actress, Goldie Hawn.Develop a beverage that is in a shake made from parsley, pepper, celery and green vegetables.

Gwyneth Paltrow: wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and is diligently eating papaya fruit digestion such as asparagus and cucumber. Also diligent in drinking tea, Bancha Twig and always carry it in a thermos every move.

Brooke Shields: Brooke diligently eating and drinking herbal supplements that contain herbs. Trusted herbal drinks, if consumed every day can boost immunity and fitness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: The wife of Michael Douglas revealed his secret recipe, ie, by drinking 25 milliliters of water for every 0.45 kg of your weight. In this way, Catherine can reduce 2.27 kg of weight in a week. Water has a satiating effect, so he is not tempted to eat when not really hungry.

Nicole Kidman: When the wife of Keith Urban is in the mood to snack, he takes a low-calorie raisin dipped in honey. To be more fresh, raisins are mixed with celery leaves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Actress Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer series is when it will devour his steak, he ate potatoes before eating meat. He believes by doing so, his body will digest food better.

Gisele Bundchen: Gisele admitted spicy food very well to maintain her figure. With spicy food, body temperature will rise spur the body’s metabolism.

Kate Winslet: Starring character in the movie Titanic Rose is claiming that its flagship oatmeal cookies so. In addition to restricting food, she always complete with two slices of wheat cakes fresh cucumber.

Nine Best Diet Tips

January 30, 2012 1 comment

Here are nine tips on the best diet of wemd site:

1. Drink enough water or other non-caloric beverages.

2. Choose snacks that you consume at night, like a pack of biscuits (cookies), but the fruit is the best choice.

3. Stay enjoy your favorite foods, as long as the portion that should be eaten

4. Eat some healthy snacks when the afternoon, so you’re not too hungry when going to lunch.

5. Eat foods that contain protein in your diet.

6. Season your food with a mixture of spices, so you’ll quickly satisfied enjoying the meal you eat.

7. Prepare nutritious foods in the kitchen or your refrigerator, such as fruits, nuts or wheat bread or tortilla chips.

8. Message menu with a portion of the child when ordering food in restaurants. Usually at some fast food restaurants provide menus for children. This can help you to reduce the bit size of the meal. Or use a smaller plate when eating and heap side dish that you eat on the plate, psychologically your mind will be satisfied because the food looks a lot more.

9. Swap heavy meals such as rice or pasta with fresh vegetables. You can eliminate 100-200 calories in your daily menu by swapping the rice or pasta with vegetables.

Eating Rules for Stomach Slim

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Distended stomach is a common problem faced by the people at this present moment. Liz Vacceriello, prevention magazine editors share the rules of eating that can help you keep your stomach stays flat.

Keep to consume 400 calories per meal

You can still eat 4 times a day but with a dose of 400 calories per meal. You should comply with the 1600 calorie per day diet because of the amount that is needed by women with high body size, as well as the average activity in order to continue to have an ideal body weight.

1600 calorie diet is not a diet that will make you hungry. This amount is enough to make you stay energized, keep the immune system, as well as keeping your calorie-burning muscle. That is, you will not feel tired, sick, irritated, not in the mood, or hungry. However, these calories will not be enough to accumulate and hang in your stomach.

Do not let your stomach empty more than 4 hours

Diet is said to be successful if it makes you hungry or tired. Therefore, eat 4 hours. Waiting too long to eat can make you very hungry so it will be hard to think clearly. That means, you will not have enough energy and patience to choose healthy foods. You will eat what you first see (chips, dry cereal, pastries, and other foods), and you may be eating with very hurry.

Snacks are very important, but when the right time to consume depends on you. You may want to consume it while working on assignment in the afternoon at the office or when overtime at night.

Tips Avoid Flatulence

January 30, 2012 1 comment

The habit of eating too many foods that produce gas in the bowels of the more complex when combined with bad habits. Let’s peep whatever habits that cause flatulence:
1. Drinking with a straw. This habit is not so visible consequences. According, these habits can lead to excess air entering into the abdominal cavity, resulting in abdominal flatulence.

2. The habit of smoking is more value badness, compared with the benefits gained. Often smoking must also often suck air.

3. Chewing gum. When you’re relaxing or after eating, chewing gum has become a excitement in it self, but behind the sensations offered, chewing gum actually contributed to the air into the abdominal cavity slowly.

In addition to the bad habits that done, it appeared that some type of food consumed in excess of the following have also contributed to a sense of bloating in the abdomen, such as onions, broccoli, cabbage, eggs, beans, nuts, dark beer, milk and milk-based preparations.