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Nine Best Diet Tips

January 30, 2012 1 comment

Here are nine tips on the best diet of wemd site:

1. Drink enough water or other non-caloric beverages.

2. Choose snacks that you consume at night, like a pack of biscuits (cookies), but the fruit is the best choice.

3. Stay enjoy your favorite foods, as long as the portion that should be eaten

4. Eat some healthy snacks when the afternoon, so you’re not too hungry when going to lunch.

5. Eat foods that contain protein in your diet.

6. Season your food with a mixture of spices, so you’ll quickly satisfied enjoying the meal you eat.

7. Prepare nutritious foods in the kitchen or your refrigerator, such as fruits, nuts or wheat bread or tortilla chips.

8. Message menu with a portion of the child when ordering food in restaurants. Usually at some fast food restaurants provide menus for children. This can help you to reduce the bit size of the meal. Or use a smaller plate when eating and heap side dish that you eat on the plate, psychologically your mind will be satisfied because the food looks a lot more.

9. Swap heavy meals such as rice or pasta with fresh vegetables. You can eliminate 100-200 calories in your daily menu by swapping the rice or pasta with vegetables.


Bad Habits that Make People Quick Looks Old

January 30, 2012 3 comments

What kind of people’s faces when old, it depends how he lived when young. Older people who are still fit in his old age mostly by choice and a good lifestyle early on. Because some habits can make people look old fast look.
Certain lifestyle choices can make us look and feel older than actual age.
Here are eight causes that accelerate the aging process as reported by
1. Smoke
It’s no secret that smoking is bad for health. But rarely are aware that smoking can also ruin the appearance.

Research shows that in addition to shortening of life by increasing the risk of heart disease and lung cancer, smoking can activate an enzyme that breaks down skin‘s elasticity. Even for people who are not heavy smokers, fine wrinkles and skin may appear pale due to smoking.

2. Accidents Diet
Many women who want to quickly lose weight as much as 4-5 kg ​​of the anniversary or important event. Being slim fast is tempting, but the crash diet is not a good thing.

Diet is not instant long-term solution, it can even be a threat.Research shows that diet can make the body feel older because of reduced energy, disrupt concentration, and make depressed and irritable.

Crash diets can also cause wrinkles and sagging skin due to aging of the skin, reduced elasticity, and the lack of adjustment of the skin with weight loss.

Weight management is important for the health of the elderly, but try not to lose weight more than 0.5 – 1 kg a week.

3. Lack of Sleep
The body needs time to sleep seven or eight hours each night for optimal health. Lack of sleep can make the body not functioning properly, can also cause weight gain and lead to health when older.

If you have reasonable hours of sleep but still feel the lack of sleep during the day, consult with your doctor to find out the possibility of sleep disorders like sleep apnea are common in the elderly.

4. Avoiding Fruits and Vegetables
The older, the body needs fewer calories. To produce healthy aging and reduce wrinkles, eat food from a source of nutritious calories.

The best sources are fruits and colorful vegetables. Be sure also to consume fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy heart, and lots of fiber from whole grains.

5. Holding Grudges
Life is too short and precious to bury old grudges. Allow and forgiveness can make life longer and more productive.

Research shows that forgiveness can lead to physical wellbeing, psychological, and spiritual better. The benefits include lowering blood pressure and reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

6. Stress
Research has shown that releasing stress can help the body to reduce mental disorders and keeping the mind young. Try to identify the causes of stress and find ways to avoid or mitigate its effects through relaxation techniques like meditation or exercise.

7. Most Sit
Regular physical activity is important for healthy aging, prevent heart disease, and keeping stress levels remain safe. One of the main reasons for exercising is to prevent injury.

Injury can restrict movement and potentially threatening the health of the elderly. Research shows that 30 minutes of walking three times a week can reduce the risk of falls, the leading cause of injury in the elderly.

8. Drinking Alcohol
Drinking alcohol level was reportedly in good health. But for the elderly, as much as what is being considered? According to the American Geriatrics Society, more than one drink a day at the old man and half a glass to the old lady was too much.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to decreased mental function and may lead to falls. Alcohol can also interfere with the efficacy of some drugs. Ask your doctor how much alcohol is safe for the elderly, if any.